Freehand Work

Using a pointer device on a graphics tablet an artist can do soft and smooth transitions to the various shades of an image by detailing complexly. Most of these illustrations have a set standard to be printed out like the size and quality of printing. It gives the freedom for an artist to come out with a variety of notions on their artwork while working as a hobby. Also, while working professionally, this type can be used to enhance minor detailing of an art work. For instance, a flux print of a particular size pre-defined by the client can be designed through free hand illustration.

Vector Graphics and how they help

A more professionalism is added to the artwork while doing it with the vectors. A lot of calculation of shapes is involved in giving the graphic effect to a picture. It can be resized without losing the original quality of the image. It is one of the most popular types used for website illustrations. It has its own style of producing images though there is a restriction on smoother transitions. It is important to understand the shapes and combine these to make a drawing that depicts the idea or a product. Vector graphics are more professional than the regular free hand illustration. It is one of the types of digital illustration which is popularly used.

Animation and how it helps

This is one of the most popular types of digital illustration in the field of cinema and television. Most of the cartoons and a lot of cinemas use animation to enhance the effects of the story. It also involves 3 dimensional and 4-dimensional effects popularly known as 3D and 4D. Also, digital illustration through animation includes sound effects and luminance for cinematography. It is important to illustrate every scene with a sound/music through digitization for better effect. Half of the industry is ruled by digital sound in modern days.